Understanding the Psychology of Sales

The psychology of salesThere’s plenty of advice out there that claims the “Psychology of Selling” is something that can be learned from a series of simplistic ideas, when in reality, human psychology is obviously much more sophisticated than that. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t learn the basics about what makes people tick when they are making a buying decision. And that’s where JWPS can help..

Confidence is Key

The unfaltering projection of self- belief, and the total conviction that their product or service is worth having, is absolutely key to the confidence of a salesperson. There’s no doubt about it; confidence is attractive. And with confidence comes the ability to deliver effective sales pitches, display genuine enthusiasm for products, and establish a natural rapport with a potential customer. All of which are likely to sway your potential customer. Winner!

Rational Vs Intuitive Decision Making

There is a common theory that the buying process is largely driven by emotions, and that people justify decisions with facts. But it’s a little more complicated than that. While our subconscious mind may make a decision to buy, it is then communicated to the conscious mind using an emotion. It is at this point where our conscious mind searches to back this up with rational reasoning, and the decision making process is complete. Our minds, therefore, justify our emotions with logical reasons, satisfying our consciousness that yes; we have arrived upon a rational, well thought-out decision, and can feel safe and secure in that decision.

Why is this so important? Well, according to Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman, 95% of our purchase decisions take place unconsciously. So, catering for the rational AND the intuitive side of a potential customer’s mind is the key to successful selling.

First Impressions Count

Judging a book by its cover, so to speak, is never advised. But unfortunately, the reality can be very different when it comes to sales. Well established research shows that people make decisions about a person’s trustworthiness and character within around 7 seconds of meeting them. Although not impossible, it is very difficult to change this decision once made, so a salesperson should endeavour to make the best possible first impression.

Understand the Behavioural Side of Sales with JWPS

There’s no doubt that psychology plays a critical role in the process of sales and negotiation. A skilled salesperson will utilise psychological tactics and techniques in order to increase their chances of closing a good deal.

Here at JWPS, we provide SLA driven results and a personal touch that isn’t driven wholly by statistics, but also embraces the behavioural side of sales. Why not take advantage of our offer of a free initial consultation meeting and an honest approach to developing your business? To find out more about our sales consultancy services or to book your free initial consultation, call us today on 0845 644 0637.