sales skills presentation servicesSales presentations are often challenging; not only are you asking for undivided attention and thoughtful consideration, you’re also pitching a reason why your audience should hand over their money. Delivering a pitch that is captivating, convincing, and essentially persuasive enough to close a deal is a must. The use of persuasive language in a sales pitch can, therefore, be a powerful technique!



Employing Rhetorical Appeals

Ethical Appeal

Ethos, or ethical appeal, is an effective tool to employ when delivering a sales pitch. This rhetorical appeal persuades the audience by using the credibility of the speaker to capture the attention of an audience. In short, ethos is what reassures your audience that you really know what you’re talking about. It may seem obvious, but it’s near on impossible to sell to someone who isn’t convinced that you know your product inside out!

Logical Appeal

Logos, or logical appeal, is the effective use of reason to persuade your audience and justify your argument. This logical appeal is an extremely effective way to appeal to a person’s ability to reason, and a great way of bolstering your sales pitch. Rather than simply stating a fact or number, the speaker uses agreed upon information to provide a foundation for the argument. For example; the strategy uses an “if” “then” logic; “if” this is true “then” would this not also be true? This gives the audience a tangible comparison, and can be especially useful in many cases as it’s very difficult to argue with sound logic!

Emotional Appeal

For a more personal touch, the final rhetorical appeal of pathos can be employed, which is emotional appeal. Persuading an audience by appealing to their emotions works particularly well when the audience has a personal or emotional connection with the subject matter. Visual aids are a great way evoking a strong emotional response, and the same can be achieved through the art of storytelling. Conveying an ideal or ‘Utopian’ vision of how life could be is a powerful way of invoking an emotional response in an audience.

A more subtle way to employ this technique, which is often more appropriate for the sales pitch, is attempting to connect with the audience on a personal level.  This is a great strategy for creating a meaningful connection; the audience feels that their values and beliefs are being considered, therefore becoming emotionally involved in the process.

Presentation Delivery Services

As you can see, drilling down into the persuasive powers of rhetorical appeals is a hugely effective way of ensuring that your sales pitch really packs a punch. If you’re looking for expert advice on how to pitch presentations, JWPS can help.

We also go one step further; if you simply don’t have the time to spend on writing, developing, and pitching a sales presentation, why not let our expert presenting team do it for you? We can deliver high energy, interactive, interesting and effective presentations, with confidence, on your behalf!

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