Are you using the Right Language to Encourage Sales?

sales language Sheffield consultantsThere are many techniques that can be used to encourage the likelihood of a sale, and using persuasive language is one of them. This method can be employed successfully in several circumstances, and is an incredibly effective way of convincing people to accept a certain idea or view, or to buy products or services. Either way, it is a very powerful technique for getting what you want. Mastered correctly, it can have a dramatic impact on your sales success.

Do you want to learn how to use language to encourage potential customers to buy? We’ve put together a few useful tips for mastering the power of persuasive language.

The Power of a Name

Although they may not seem powerful out of context, some words have a natural capability of influencing the decision process. The use of the personal pronouns, for example ‘You’, naturally invokes the concept of the self, which immediately engages people. Even better; use a person’s name, which has been proven to light up areas of the brain tied to self-perception and identity. Customers are, therefore, more likely to become engaged and be more trusting of a message in which their name appears.

Triple Whammy

Another fantastic oral persuasion technique is the rule of three, or the use of triples. Saying something three times, each time in a slightly different way, carries weight. Three-part structures and lists are memorable and resonant in several kinds of text. For example; politicians use the technique frequently, examples can be found in the bible, and it’s very common in broadcast media. Using the rule of three also allows you to explain concepts more thoroughly, enabling you to emphasise certain points and make your message more memorable.

Inject Humour

Everyone knows that laughing makes people feel good, and when we feel good we smile. This can have a powerful influence on a potential customer; injecting a little humour into your sales pitch grabs attention, makes the speaker appear more convincing, and lightens the mood. All things that are likely to encourage a sale!

Use Rhetorical Questions

A rhetorical question is a question which implies its own answer; it’s not asked for the answer, just for effect. This popular device is used to subtly influence or persuade your audience. By asking these questions, the listener is encouraged to further engage, and consider the answer that they would give. They magic trick here is that rhetorical questions are intended to make the listener agree with the speaker; even if they don’t necessarily say it, they will think it. And once they start agreeing, they are far more likely to keep doing so. Isn’t that clever? (See what we did there?!)

Improve your Sales Potential

It’s no surprise that using persuasive language is an excellent way to encourage potential customers to buy.  If you’re looking to improve your sales potential, using the techniques above can make a big difference.

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