Meet Me

Angela Keyworth, Managing Director

Angela Keyworth, Managing DirectorA wealth of experience in sales ranging from live product demonstrations in retail, all the way through to real estate and fractional ownership abroad. Angela has spent most of her sales career abroad in a variety of warm climates, Spain, Malta and Dubai, UAE mastering the art of becoming a ‘sales professional’.  Angela studied Neuro Linguistic Programming and is now a Master Practitioner status in NLP.

Angela returned to the UK in 2011 where she became instantly involved with the energy market.  Starting in Solar PV and working her way through to a good knowledge of projected return on investment, for various renewable technologies such as; ground source / air source heat pumps, solar thermal, wind and hydro technologies.  In 2012 she qualified DEA and became one of the first females to qualify in the UK as Green Deal Assessor (GDA), heavily involved with the green deal initiative, proposed by the government.  Sadly, the scheme did not realise the legislated saving rules associated with the project and it was dropped in 2013.

Angela is still heavily involved with the delivery of continual professional development (CPD) and energy assessment calculations, for technical surveys on commercial building management systems.  She works largely within the trade/construction industries and is possibly one of the most feminine looking builders you will ever meet!

JWPS was born following her work as a sole trader for many years in this sector, with no website presence.  Just as she explains the brand ‘JWPS’ (starting with the ‘S’), the business also started back to front, getting the demand for her skills, before she started the business… a nice problem to have.

Angela is always looking to work with new businesses and her core business principal is that she will never work with two businesses of the same activity, therefore there will be no conflict of interests between clients.