Our Story

When I introduce my business to anyone, one of the first questions they ask me, is ‘what does JWPS stand for?”.

To answer this, I must start at the end.

The ‘S’

The ‘S’ stands for ‘success’, not least because this is what I have always strived to achieve in everything I have done, though sadly it hasn’t always ended with the desired, or intended results.

I have a story, just as everyone does.  It doesn’t mean mine is more important, or less significant than anyone else, but I have always believed in choice.  Everyone has choice how to respond to their own tragedies, successes, failures and disappointments.  There are only two options, to choose how to turn the situation around positively….. or not.  For me, the latter was never an option, though I haven’t always (very rarely) made the right decisions.

Truth be told, I have tried and failed at many things in my quest to become ‘successful’.  It has taken me over 20 years of resilience, hard work, determination and drive to finally find what works for me.  In this time, I have had to overcome some extremely challenging events and personal experiences, starting at secondary school, where I was continually told I would never amount to anything, that I was a failure before I had even begun.  Bullying wasn’t as well recognised then and anti-bullying policies didn’t exist…. Thankful to younger generations who at least have this safety net now, children can be cruel.

The choice:  ‘Overcome it, or don’t’

In 2003, I met an inspirational man, Paul Simpson.  Paul offered me a position selling in his extremely successful company, the product is irrelevant, the lessons are not.  Paul taught me about opportunity, he taught me that I could achieve and earn the wealth I later had the good fortune to understand.  He built his empire from scratch, his latest business venture (for which I am now proud to say) I work closely with, is The Business Hub.  Paul is an amazing business coach, he gave me the belief that I could brave this journey alone and for that Paul, I am truly thankful.

People know me, both personally and professionally, to speak my mind, say how I feel and be transparent in everything I do.  When I make mistakes, (which we all do from time to time), I hold my hands up, admit it and produce a solution.  It still amazes me now how rare this quality is, particularly in business, but I do know it is the reason many of my clients and friends respect me, it is the reason why many people choose to do business with me.

When setting up JWPS, it was so important to start as I wanted to go on and so the following qualities are the core foundation of my business: transparency, honesty, integrity = SUCCESS

Success to me, is not a result of the business, but a reflection of the business owner.

This brings me to the ‘JWP’
Despite several personal hurdles, obstacles and failed attempts on the lottery over the years, I consider myself both fortunate and blessed, because I have something which I know to be extremely rare in 2017, particularly when we are constantly surrounded by media, documentary coverage and endless chat shows, focussing on hate crime, child abuse and neglect.  Sometimes the world seems to be one big broken home.

I had one of the most loving, generous and caring homes when I was growing up.  Christmas was special, Easter was profitable (for our dentist) birthdays were always catered for.  But take all the gifts away, the biggest gift without a doubt, are the people who showed compassion, support and above all strength to deal with the inevitable behavioural side effects of my jaded school life.  Without them, I can honestly say that I would not be here tell this story today.  The work ethic, determination and love that I have been fortunate enough to experience, has given me a perfect understanding of what strong role models really are.

My parents had two children, me and my sister (Katie).  My sister and I both married, which meant that there was no one left to carry my father’s name in to future generations.

What does JWP stand for?

John & Wendy PrestonThe two people who have given me opportunity and courage.  In dedication to the continuity of my father’s name.  JWP stands for John and Wendy Preston, the ‘S’uccess represents their bond and dedication to our family.  The 4 dots on the tail of the ‘S’ are representative of the original ‘Preston’ family: me, my sister, my mother and my father.

Thanks to you both
This is for you…