5 Tips for a Successful Exhibition Stand

exhibition trade stand SheffieldThere’s no doubt that exhibitions are a fantastic way to find new customers, promote your business, and generate sales. They can, however, be very time consuming and expensive. With that in mind, getting the very best out of an exhibition is an absolute must.

With the right planning and execution, the results generated for your business will be well worth the effort. Here at JWPS, we’re experts on making exhibitions work for businesses, so read on for our 5 tips on how to have a successful exhibition stand, and get ready to smash your business goals!

1. Optimise your Stand Concept

Optimising the concept of your exhibition stand is key to the way your business is presented. A great looking stand attracts visitors, generates interest in the company, and draws people in to find out more about your products. You don’t have to have the flashiest, most expensive stand to make an impression; but a coherent concept that’s in line with the goals you hope to meet from attending is a must.

2. Keep the Stand Busy

It is a well-known fact that social proof generates trust. If you see a shop full of customers, it’s a natural instinct to want to get in on the action. After all, there’s a reason they’re so busy and popular, right? It’s the same with exhibitions; seeing people actively engaging with a brand encourages others to see what all the fuss is about. Create this buzz using employees to start with, and you’ll soon draw a crowd. Engage the visitors you attract, and more will come.

3. Give Visitors Something Extra

Here’s a simple idea to get people to linger; free drinks! Facilities to make hot drinks are inexpensive and easy to organise, and after a long day walking around an exhibition, visitors will be delighted with a free hot drink when they may be hard to come by cheaply in other areas of the venue. This also gives staff time to engage a visitor while they wait for it to cool, and linger while they drink it.

4. Promotional Items and Literature

This may seem painfully obvious, but before you embark on an exhibition, ensure that your literature and promotional items are fully up to date. That means new catalogues and flyers; last season’s products and outdated information just won’t do. Also, consider promotional items that people will not only want, but use!

5. Knowledgeable, Engaging Staff

Manning your stand with staff that really know their stuff can make all the difference to generating leads. Your team may be helpful, smiling, and friendly, but they also need to be able to answer in-depth questions at the drop of a hat. This can be a huge advantage when it comes to engaging visitors, keeping them interested in the brand, and ultimately increasing the chances of them becoming a customer.

Guaranteed Results from your Exhibition Stand

If taking time out of your business to attend an exhibition fills you with dread, why not let JWPS take the strain? We can attend the exhibition on your behalf, working on your stand to promote your business. We make sure that we get to know your business so thoroughly that members of our sales team will be able to generate leads for you, considerably cut your costs, and increase your return on investment. We’ve attended plenty of exhibitions on behalf of businesses, and the results have been so good that we can guarantee that we will get you results!

To find out more about our exhibition support services or to book your free initial consultation, call us today on 0845 644 0637.