5 Secrets of Lead Generation Unlocked

5 Secrets of Lead Generation UnlockedHigh quality lead generation is a must for the development and success of any business. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in business for years, you’ll know that it’s not always easy to warm up potential customers and lead them down the path of buying your products and services. As experts in the process of lead generation, JWPS naturally has a long list of very effective tips and tricks that will generate successful sales leads!

Event Speaking

Speaking at an event is a fantastic way of generating high quality leads. As you speak, you’ll naturally hold a position of authority and can use this as the perfect platform to project your expertise. If the talk goes well, you’re in a great position to do some networking after the event and chat to potential prospects while your words are fresh in their minds.

Blogging for Business

Blogging is a tried and tested method for generating leads. However, the companies that actually have a consistent content calendar with high quality content are few and far between. It takes commitment and perseverance to blog regularly, especially when the results don’t necessarily come immediately.

Once you have built up some traffic, you’ll know that your readers are at least interested, but your aim now is to get them on your list. Make this as easy for them as possible! Add relevant, eye-catching call to actions on your blog posts and you’ll drive leads directly through your blogging efforts.

Focus on Engagement

A common mistake often made by those trying to generate leads is concentrating on the end result. Sure, your aim is to generate leads, but you should be focussing on engagement. Make your content compelling, useful and engaging, and people will be willing to share their information with you.

Nurture Leads

Lead acquisition is NOT the end game. The leads you generate and add to your prospect list need to be carefully nurtured, and moved through the sales funnel. By educating them through the buying journey they will become familiar with your company over time. Once they are ready to be passed on to the sales department, you’ll have a much better chance of turning a prospect into a paying customer.

Face to Face

As wonderful as technology is, sometimes it pays to simply go back to basics. Meeting a potential customer face to face and telling them exactly how you could help them, how your product could solve their problems, and why they should invest in YOU and your business, can work wonders. It’s so much easier to ignore an email, or to put the phone down, than to say ‘no’ to someone’s face. Meeting face to face allows you to listen carefully to your customer’s concerns, and help them come up with a solution.

High Quality Lead Generation

Need help with lead generation? JWPS has a team of experienced telesales executives and call handling operatives who can not only generate leads, whilst providing a professional, friendly “front of house” part of your sales team.

We also have a team of highly experienced field sales consultants and exhibition specialists who are able to attend sales meetings, exhibitions, and events on behalf of your company and generate high quality leads from these activities. To find out more about our lead generation services or to book your free initial consultation, call us today on 0845 644 0637.